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One of the best things about choosing concrete for your home installations is the diversity of the material. With nothing more than simply concrete, you can explore countless different aesthetic techniques that will add quality and detail to the space. And one of the most effective of these is stamped concrete. When you stamp your concrete, you can create unique designs, with truly premium results. Whether you are fitting a new driveway, path, patio, or concrete floor, it is always effective and could make the fixture much more valuable, too. All it takes is finding the right kind of stamp to suit your preferences and trusting the job to a specialist team of contractors. Luckily for you, at The Portland Concrete Contractors, our experts can provide you with a broad selection of options, which we would be glad to bring to you. 

Why Choose Stamped Concrete? 

Choosing to use stamped concrete might just be one of the best decisions that you ever make for your new concrete fixture. For one, it allows you to create some totally unique aesthetics that mimic those of many other premium materials, for a much lower cost. You can achieve masonry-look styles, often for half the price of the product itself. Moreover, you get greater customization this way, with control over the color and finish. And, given that we have one of the most eclectic arrays of options anywhere in town, choosing stamped concrete with us is always wise. 

Masonry-Style Stamps 

Our range of masonry style stamps is comprehensive and highly attractive. We have an assortment of options that we don’t doubt are sufficient to cover every taste. Whether your preferences lie in the timeless look of cobblestone, the luxurious impression given by stone tiles, or even the guise of premium slate bricks, you can do it with our masonry-style stamps. Just tell us what it is that would best fit your preferences and our team would be more than happy to bring it to you. 

Texture Stamps 

Just as much so, if you would like to create a textured look across the face of your concrete fixture, we can offer this to you, too. Unlike regular concrete texturing techniques, concrete stamps allow you to recreate much more detailed and premium-looking appearances. For example, we could give your new concrete patio a natural wood style, while applying the looks of natural sandstone to your driveway. There are countless different kinds of textures that you can create and with our wide selection, we know you will find just the thing for you. 

Concrete Coloring 

No matter which kind of concrete stamp you choose in the end, we think that you can always get more out of it when you pair it with colored concrete. Particularly if you are trying to imitate the style of another material, you are going to want to match it with the perfect tones and hues. That is why we always recommend our clients take advantage of our great concrete dying and staining options, with our extensive span of options.

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