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The introduction of a new concrete patio to your yard could be transformative. One of the most attractive and luxurious additions you can make to your outdoor space, it is something that we all aspire to own. It gives you the space to enjoy time outside with your family and friends every time the sun is shining. Moreover, it adds aesthetics details that can bring out the best in your backyard as a whole. So, for these reasons, if you are considering the installation of a new patio, you should never settle for any less than the best. Instead, you should give our team a call, at The Portland Concrete Contractors, and assure yourself of the perfect new concrete patio. 

Custom Concrete Patio 

When you come to us for your new concrete patio, we can promise you a completely custom design. If you are going to fit the perfect new patio into your yard, it needs to reflect your ideas and needs above all else. It needs to be made with your aesthetic preferences in mind and be useful for the plans that you have. So, be sure to discuss all your ideas with one of our talented designers, who would be glad to compile them into the perfect, final blueprint. 

Patio Installation 

Once every feature has been properly and precisely planned, we can begin to execute the project. Our team is known for quality and so, you can always expect our installations to be of the highest caliber. From the shaping and form to the strength and durability, and especially the details and appearance, we make sure that every aspect of the build is top-notch. We begin by laying stable and longevous foundations at the base, before setting our premium blend of concrete in place. Then, we can apply any of the additional decorative features that you would like to see until to deliver an idyllic new installation. 

Decorative Concrete 

Thoughtfully selecting the right kinds of decorative concrete techniques can be the difference between a good concrete patio and a great concrete patio. With the addition of tasteful styles, such as concrete dying and staining, stamping, texturing, and polishing, you can add so much character and appeal to your patio. Each offers uniquely beautiful aesthetics, which you will have the pleasure of seeing each day. You just need to let us know which ones are your favorites so that we can do the best job of delivering them to you. 

Repairs and Maintenance 

And, if you were to ever find that you needed any help with repairs or maintenance for your patio, we want to reassure you that we will be there for you. Our team is always glad to offer assistance in restoration, be it for fixing minor cracks or reversing the effects of sinking. We want you to get the most out of your patio, for the long term. So, just give us a call whenever you find anything wrong with yours and we can promise to be there every time.

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